Island Friends - We Love the game, ready to have fun with us. ; )

Hi… Looking for 2-3 awesome players with a lot of experience…
8 of us have been together 5yrs… We welcome anyone who joins us, my team is very experienced… The rules are as follows…::
Absolutely NO Guests, Must get 1000 Club points B4 you go idle after you join… Must play Tributes, Minimum 4 sets a day, But you must also play All Tribute Club Quests… We play All Competitions… We have our own system & you Must stick to it… We win almost all Comps… ; ) When you join you must read all Club Notes immediately , then you will know if you would be a great fit for my club… After 2 weeks & you feel you really love it in my club you will be asked to join Our FB group page, it’s much easier to communicate…
We love to have fun together, & Chat… Chat is a Must…!! We have to communicate with each other in order to have an amazing club… No Chat, No stay…!! We’re looking forward to meeting you… ; ) Everyone in my club is super sweet, respectful, & all those good things… Come see for yourself. ; )
P.S. We are a Gold team & with that comes a lot of experience… ; )

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