Island Friends Forever

We are a Gold Club … No Guests, Must have a Name
I’m looking for 7-9 members who play daily, Must use Chat & always respond if it pertains to you, Must get at least 4 sets of Tributes daily, Must Max/Play your part of Club Quests everyday & click club chest… No idle over 20hrs w/o giving notice first…
We want to stay Gold level because it’s perfect for my members… All 5 of my CoLeaders have been with me for almost 6yrs… ; ) We are literally like family & anyone who joins will be family… We love to chat & just have fun together… :grinning: I also have a FB group page you can join if you should decide to stay with us… A place we can share a lot more, get to know each other better & just love to have fun together… :hugs:
We do play Competition… Rules for that are :: No one digs alone, No random digging, we have a strategy that works & we’re in first or second place majority of the time ; )
Come & join us, you won’t be sorry you joined… Are you ready to have a great time…?? Let’s do this as a team… !! :+1:
Note:: One of my CoLeaders of 5yrs secretly started her own club, next thing I know 8 of my members went to her club, before they left we were a Platinum Club… We’re all still in shock… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::flushed:

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