Is there a way to reset levels without loosing coins?

Is there a way to reset your current progress? I’ve advanced pretty far in the game and only a few levels left on the last island. I find the game very tedious and more frustrating than enjoyable now. When I’m trying to get tributes it always has to put them on the higher levels too. How do I reset the levels without loosing my coins or logging out and starting over that way? I’d like to keep my coins.

I don’t believe that is possible. Your other options are chasing red stars. Have you competed all the expert lebels too?

Start at level 1. You still have to buy extra cards 4 times to win a game but are least they cost less?? So annoying. We have many members that use 2 separate accounts bc it is too difficult to earn and win with basically having beat the game. You’ll be a hero again.

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I’ve only gotten to early Tiki Seas but feel frustrated by finding most of my tributes in the Seas. I do not enjoy those games at all…like throwing coins away. Have you reached out to Tri-Peaks to find out?