Ipad vs pc version why are they different?

The game that I play on my mini ipad is so different from the limited version on my pc. The rewards are very limited and there are no clubs available to join. Why is this?

Make sure your signed into Facebook on your iPad with the same account or it will start you as a new player.

My ipad game works great, but my pc is very limited, and I do not sign in on facebook with either. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks Helen

@Honey58, when you are not signed in with Facebook on the game, your account info is limited to just the device you are playing on (your iPad). The only way to play your account on any other device is to use Facebook to store your account info (amount of coins, levels completed, boosters, wild cards, etc).

One other thing to consider is, if anything every happens to your iPad, you’ll lose your account, & will have to start all over when you play on a different device. At least, that’s what I’ve picked up from others. If anyone has ever had a non-Facebook account restored on a different device, please let us know!


I guess I assumed if I was using app on I pad it would be the same as on I phone but when I open it on phone it stared a whole new game, that’s just crazy to me because there linked together I believe, except I’m pretty new to all this tech stuff. Not sure what to do know. Play my old game on iPad or start new on phone, I’ve learned a lot from reading what you’ll have said here. I am NOT a Facebook user