Invite me to your club please

Someone please invite me to their club that everyone plays and gets perks and rewards. I play everyday and read chat and play perks. I am a club leader currently but all the good players have left. LauraB


Scorgasmic currently has openings. 2500 before idle and 5k per day.

Our club is set public right now,Rules are 5k day/
Max club quest/chat a few other simple rules.
Club name is Krazy fun- we are diamond now.
If you give me your club name I can invite you to give us a try.

Mermaid Lake would love to have you. Currently 3rd in Gold. 10K minimum and 72 hr idle unless notified.

friende — spelled that way would like to have you. No limit per day. If you join today, you can get a pass for this week but just have 10000 by Tuesday nights. Please do club quests. Group is very active and likes to talk.

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We’re a diamond team with an open invite only spot. If you want to join, search “titans” and then you have to narrow it down to Tiki-Titans… what’s your game name? We are competitive but fun. I used to be in a team like that until I had enough. I’m club leader … look for Tiki-Titans with leader Mojo

Come aboard we’d love to have you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

invite me to your club

Tiki titans 2
We just ask for tributes and club gift to be collected and club quests to be complete.
We get all 6 perks done every time and we are 8 th in the platinum league

We all win will love to have you…Leader Joyce Co leader Glorin

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What is your clubs name?

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Friendly10000 has an opening. Willing to wait till reset if you’d like. Requirements are simple… 10k per week. Keep volcano from erupting, max and say maxed on club quest, chat. No more than 36 hours idle without some communication. We are a friendly family style team. We understand all have lives outside of game but love to play too!

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I am new. Play daily

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Welcome to the forum @Joyce_Moreland
Are you looking for a club?

Please join Senior Sisters (we have guys, too), and we’re not curmudgeons.

Come join us T Luvapups.

Just Jen is looking for new members. We are a casual club. We like to play and get perks and rewards, but not competitive. You don’t have to chat if you don’t want to. Come join us!

Perk Smashers would love to have you! I feel sorry for people when all their players quit! We are public, so you do not need an invite, just communicate and play daily! 20k/300 trib aweek

You are invited to survivors
We are a gold team. We play often but have fun…

Payneful Players is seeking players come check us out no pressure