Interested in Merging Clubs?

Any clubs looking to merge? We have maybe half a team of good solid, active players and used to be pretty good. I just can’t seem to bring in any decent players lately. We’d definitely be open to discussing a merger with another club. We’re called Zuka Zama. I’d also love to have any individuals that want to join!


That’s an interesting idea. I always have about 4-5 unengaged players, but I’ve got about 20 regulars I wouldn’t remove because they’ve stuck with the club a long time. We are not competitive, don’t chat, etc.; I think most of us are just playing for fun & when we can. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to change it up & get more active players. If I just got 4-5 more active players, I think we’d complete more perks. If anyone is interested in checking us out, post here. I think we’ll have 1 or 2 spots opening up soon.


Hiya ive sent you a message via inbox :slight_smile:

Rnrausch630 that is!

I’m interested in joining a club that has more active players than my current club. It appears that only 5 or 6 are active and I’m always the top player and that doesn’t give me much competition. I do best with motivation to compete with others. Thanks