Insomniacs need 7 solid players

Lost a lot of players. We are a solid group always do the club gift and players rack up the tributes and average 15k+ points a week. Come check us out we are casual but solid.

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Sounds like my speed, Iā€™m new and just trying to figure everything out. Love the game.

Carolmarie091168 is interested!

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I am looking for an active club. The one I am in now only has 4 or 5 regular players, and we never get the perks. I usually play 2 to 3 times a day, more on weekends! I average about 8000 a week. Please consider me. Thanks

Help, i need a supportive club! I have had a difficult time catching up again. It seems i havent the income to support my effort to win perks and goals! I need a team that communicates and jumbles perk order. Sharing club gifts and keeping in touch.