Inherited a club, now what?

Hello fellow players! I became a club leader simply because I was the only one active. Right now my team has 24 members and only 3 active. Maybe 4 or 5 play occasionally and the rest have been inactive for at least 30 days. It’s hard because I’m the only one who chases tributes. I get invited to join other clubs, but hate to just abandon this one. What should I do? Thanks in advance for suggestions/advice.


You can come join our team. We r s new team ourselves and recruiting players. My team is Ms B’s Misfits. It’s hard to find but u can just type Ms and scroll a little ways and find it. We only have 6 or 8 players ourselves. We have an 18k weekly and 24 hr max idle time. Absolutely no drama, no stress (yet) lol We haven’t,t really set any other requirements so we can discuss and set more if needed. We would live to have u join us as we grow.


In this game its better to “serve in heaven, than reign in hell”. In other words move to a team with more active players.


@g-ma, you have basically three options: 1) status quo; 2) remove all the dead weight, decide what you want your team to look like and start recruiting new members; or 3) jump ship and find a team that fits your play and lifestyle. It all depends on whether you want to be a leader with the responsibility that goes with it or just want to be a player. If you want to lead, there’s nothing saying you have to be leading alone. The team I’m on has three co leaders, of which I’m one. Well, you actually have one more option, ask someone on your team if they want to be the leader, and hand the reigns over.


I’m looking for a new player for my Team “Dream Team” we have lots of conversation and are a close knit team. We look for 20k club points a week and to actively play quests and collect tributes. Add us if you wanna join a great team!


Boot out any player that hasn’t played in 7 days. You don’t have a chance unless you open up for new members


I had the same thing happen to me. I just added a not saying if you haven’t played in 2 weeks you will be deleted and just started deleting people. It worked we started getting more and more players that wanted to play and we just drop the dead weight. Honestly I just like to play and do not worry about all the rest of the in between stuff.


Just get non playing players out. It’ll be better in the future.
Or join our team Veronica tiki.
We all play TRIBUTES and most weeks get all PERKS done.


Either Abandon or kick them all out and try to build a good strong team.


Why would you keep that many people on your team that are doing nothing? I would start by deleting all of those that haven’t played for 30 days. I would even make that 14 days or even 7 days. They don’t care about the team, so get rid of them! Then, set up some rules that everyone must follow. Such as 1. Pursue tributes, 2. Play events and so on. If the don’t follow the rules, BOOT THEM. Sounds harsh, but you will soon have a team that plays together and wants to win. If that fails, then yes, join another team.


I am one of about 3 co-leaders in my team. When I joined the leader was constantly chasing guests to change their names, reciting the rules, but she didn’t want to boot anyone. She had one co-leader who was doing the same. When our leader went through some stuff and wasn’t playing a lot the co-leader got frustrated about all the long idle times, days at idle and guests refusing to change their name, players not maxing CQ’s etc etc. I asked if I could do anything and I was made a co-leader. I started a messenger group and asked the other co-leaders and the leader to join. This was the best thing I did because now I use it all the time to discuss things that are going on in the group. We changed some of the rules and we gave everyone two weeks to get used to the new ones and then I started deleting players. We got down to 7 players, but my motto is to set a standard and delete everyone who doesn’t reach it, you will soon have the team you want. It has been about 8 months, we now have 21 players who are team players most meet the club rules every day. If they don’t they get one warning and then they are removed. All new players have explained the rules even though they are on the notes, that way there is no comeback. I am brutal. We give players space if they need it and most will let us know if stuff is going on. Our leader once again went through some tuff stuff and I follow up with players who are absent after they have let us know. I invite everyone to contact me on Facebook messenger that way I can follow up privately. We have a great team and I will keep going like this until we have the 25. It takes work but we have an awesome bunch. I don’t make any major decisions without contacting the leader and it is paying off for us.

I became club leader too because ours dropped out, I don’t know why. Then we started loosing active players, I’ve been working on getting players. I felt like you, I just hated abandoning the club. We are slowing building up but need new members. Our club name is Sheena’s
Would be happy to have you.

U are right I had a team but too me, no activity I in 48hrs is reason to drop. I kinda didn’t understand why when I remove player others got mad. So I left. 19 players and erupt v. I was disappointed but o well.