Influx of fb requests & ppl requesting coins more than once

Has anyone noticed an increase in the amount of friend requests received for Tripeaks lately? I have been slammed and I can’t figure out where the heck this volume is coming from???

Also, has anyone else had some people that are requesting coins/help more than once a day? i have had this happen. 4 times for the last person. ugh. i like helping people but let’s not be so greedy and deceitful.


I have been getting FB requests for a while now and can’t stand it! If I don’t you I am not going to accept you as a friend so please stop!!!

i really dont mind accepting friends if they need coins. i always add them to the restricted list so they can only see what i have made public. so it usually isnt a problem. but here lately there has been a ton ton ton of requests. some of them not even game ppl. when they start messaging me, i ask them if they play tripeaks. if not. i say bye bye and block them. lol

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How do you make a restricted list? I have to be very careful about who I let on my list for reasons I can’t say here.

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I am having this issues as well. I had over 100 friend request i accepted several and probably 20 of them have asked me at least 10 times a day for coins. I don’t understand why! It is very frustrating.I am still receiving up to 20 friends request a day. I just can’t accept that many. HAPPY GAMING FRIENDS !!!

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after you accept their friend request (i usually unfollow them as well, so i do not see their stuff on my wall)… click on friends and edit friend list. just click on restricted and it should put a check mark on it. thats it. easy peasy… never see anything they post, they never see anything i post… and and they can’t see anything of mine that is not public. works for me. :slight_smile:

i dont understand how these people are getting away with asking so many times for coins. it has to be some kind of cheat or hack or something.

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I don’t either i max my 20 helps usually first thing in the Morning sometimes even right at midnight