Inactive players

Can you please find a way to make it possible to contact the club creator or administrator. Ours hasn’t played in months, along with many others. I have been a member of this club since clubs started. I don’t want to leave but but we are only playing with half a club and have no way of booting the inactive players

We were in a club like that, our leader was gone for ages. We discussed it, formed a club and left, no other way to get around it.


Maybe post club name perhaps the leader left the team without taking care of business or left the game if he or she is still around seeing the name may get their attention n u can keep ur team there otherwise yes new team is only way…sucks I’ve been there!

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That’s what we did, we created our own group and left. Our old leader was active, but so many of the people didn’t pull their weight so I created a new group and half of the members from the old group came with me.


I know you van changer leaders n become leader yourself

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Well if you figure it out please let me know. I don’t feel everyone should have to start a new club. This really a glitch that needs to be looked I to.

I think something happened to our club leader as he posted he was in an accident and got pretty banged up. He was a great leader always one of the top three. Hasn’t played now in 2 months. He made me a co-leader but co-leaders can’t remove the leader. I think after a certain amount of time a co-leader should be able to do something


Have you tried to promote your self to leader ? Or you can promote someone to co leader n see if they can promote you to leader

Only a leader can promote someone to leader. :frowning:

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Idk how old leader did it I’ll ask her

Have figured out how to remove the leader? Our has passed away and don’t know what to do.

Cindy, our co-leader made me co-leader she will be the leader now but how do we remove our deceased leader?

As far as I know @Janet_Skillern-hatch, it can’t be done, and last I heard, Tripeaks doesn’t do that. I would try requesting it anyway, just in case they changed their policy, or would make an acception. You can do that by going to the Menu, Help, Contact Us buttons in the game.