In search of new members!

Anyone looking to join a good club? We communicate, cheer each other on and have always made every perk. Requirements/minimums are not extreme but we need players who will play and help out.
Once in the 200s, have had many player changes and need to build back up to the amazing team we were with DAILY PLAYERS. Pls search for
Panicked Tiki! (Must type in the ! At the end of the name)

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Still in search of now 5 members…all of the constant issues and lack of support have really gotten to my once high end club. The rest of my players r getting very upset and won’t wait much longer before they leave too :frowning: anyone that can handle an 18 hour max idle, 7.5k Sunday and 14k by perk end minimum that will play as a TEAMMATE, pls request to join club Panicked Tiki!.