In search of active players

**Bone Yard? ** is currently rebuilding. We are in search of active players who want to have fun in a competitive family environment. 25k min weekly, although we ask new players to put up 1.5k before going idle, must read chat, and 24 hour idle delete. We were top 250, as I said we are rebuilding and looking to fill 5-8 spots so we can have fun and rank up. We usually get all 6 perks. We are looking for active, loyal, and patient players who are willing to help us rebuild and have fun. We all have lives outside the game so if something comes up…communication is key. If you are interested please request to join. No guests will be accepted.

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I am interested as soon as the game ends tomorrow. I always get 60K and usually several thousand more.

Hi I’m interested currently have 40000 with 753 tributes play every day but stuck in a club where only 3 of us are contributing

Please request to join we would love to have you! We will be having some openings tonight/tomorrow

We would love to have you. Please request to join.

Please request to join we would love to have you

Thanks I’ve sent a request