In search of a club

Looking for a new club to play for


Hi might help if you can state what type of club your looking for. My club is still looking for 1 more player we are #1 in wood league this is our first full week as a club several of us are experienced players starting over from higher leagues, right now we have a 3k/daily minimum, help with tributes, do club quests no 24hr idle. Follow rules simple fun drama free zone! If this sounds like a fit for you check us out club 11:11 if interested send request to join!


Hi seen your post we are a gold league and 2nd in there we have a minimum of 15k club points and 200 tributes if you think you can reach them send in the request but we accept you on Friday and only two days to go for reward

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Please join us in club Emmanuel. We need daily players who will help us.

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Looking for fierce and ambitious players. We are club.

Hi Tina! We would love to have you join us on Tiki Central! A spot just opened up. We are fun and caring!
15,500 per week. Come find your new home!

We are a diamond league looking for players to make 4500 a day but still allow to have a life. Team name Awesomeness

Perktacular is a friendly, chatty, and competitive, yet laid back, club.
We currently have a few spots open.
Our requirements are 30k weekly, 5k by Friday, 10k by Sunday, 24hr idle. New people need 3k before idle.
We need daily active players…and we get 7 perks.
Please search us out and send request if interested!

Come to SuNy we need you

#pickled is looking for 2 new members. Platinum level. 1000 coin a day requirements. Contribute to tributes, finish club quest, click the gift. Very dedicated teamates

We are still looking

Please join New Sensation!! We are a fun, relaxed but committed club!!

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In search of strong players. Blazin Tributes is my club name. We have 3 open spots. We are an ambitious club always complete all 7 perks and consistent with club quests as well, we are a fun group and require 6k a day, 42k weekly! My name is Jillary, please join!