Improving the game

First of all thanks for creating game! Now to address issues…I have spent real money on this game only to get cheated out of the items and coins that were perchased!!! The game glitches and lot’s of coins are never added! The boosters rewards won aren’t credited!! The coins are never added from quests completed as well as boosters never received!!! Another major issue is boosters and coins being used without trying to use!!! Meaning phones are so sensitive nowadays that the slightest touch will cause you to accidentally use boosters and pay for extra cards when you don’t really want to!!! I was going to delete game but decided not to because I made a lot of progress in this game and invested alot of money and time!!! I DO HOWEVER REFUSE TO SPEND ANOTHER DIME OF MY HARD EARNED REAL MONEY ON THIS GAME ONLY TO BE RIPPED OFF!!!

Have you sent in any reports to help?