I'm being robbed of coins....game freezing up on anyone else?

Surely I can’t be the only one. I updated the game on my phone last week and am on the most current version. Speed is not an issue on my phone or on my wifi and plenty of available space on my iphone as well. Whatever the issue is, it isn’t on my end.

Capture screenshots of the game taking over 28,000 from me when it locked up on one occasion. AND it happened to me twice in the same day (lost 20,000+ coins + Free plays, + Wild cards + Gems.) I just didn’t get screen shots the first time. I contact help/support and they say sorry, we are sending you 10,000 coins to your inbox THEN NEVER EVEN SEND THAT!

Still game keeps freezing. I lose progress made on quests and coins to the point I’m sure they owe me 80,000 or more. This has to hurt my club points and team as well. I might as well quit if they don’t resolve all the problems.

Anyone else have this happening to them?


Currently I am experiencing lag with the game, I haven’t lost anything extra though.
With support you basically have to nag them.
Reply to the same ticket that was originally issued, and tell them again what you were out.
Over the years I have figured out support runs on a tier system, and each time a reply is sent on the same ticket, it moves up to a different area of support.
This of course depends on whether you are up for a nagging session.


I had no idea. I will do that. Really appreciate the tip!!!


This is happening to me all the time too, also game closes on me constantly so very :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: with it now


It happens to me all the time. I lose coins, plays and boosters.

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I have lost coins too about 20000

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Yes I’ve lost coins and free plays

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Yeah me… and I’ve made several reports about it with no help

That happens to me often also

I’ve found that when the game does this is, report it immediately and then back completely out and close the app the restart your device. Then reopen app and it shouldn’t freeze up for a while. Always clear cookies and/cache and close all other apps that could be stealing data while you’re playing.


Sorry you are struggling with this too! Misery loves company so I feel much better knowing I’m not alone in this.

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Good point on closing apps. I’ll definitely try that.

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Yes! Exact same here!

I’ve given up on support! Never seem to get a correct answer!


That’s why I had to quit my club. Now I only play the 1-5 games I can before it starts freezing

Too many ads will freeze up your game

The same thing has happened to me. It says it is incompatible with my device. I have been using the same device and I have plenty of space. I think it is because I am on the highest level and have accumulated 20.5 million points plus gems, wild cards etc. I cannot even get into the program anymore.

Tel, same here, it freesjes all the time, takes lots of fun out of it

Same here, I’ve been losing out when I do my ads it’s bad enough having to watch that King burning all the time in that ridiculous game now I get nothing for it because for the last three weeks on and off the ads freeze and when they come back, I get nothing

This is happening to me, and has been since November. I contacted Tripeaks directly, they said it was an issue that they cannot fix, but are trying to work out a solution with Android and iOS. The first time is contacted them they have me 10,000 coins, but I have lost double that, plus free game plays and booster’s.It still keeps happening, pretty annoying, and now Solitaire Tripeaks won’t give back what you have lost. I love this game but it is making me wonder if it’s worth playing when you lose what you have saved and won, and don’t get help to get these back :slightly_frowning_face: