If u change clubs, what do u lose?

If I were to switch to another club, do I lose everything? I.E., gems, coins, etc? Just wondering, since I’ve been invited to a good club and if im gonna lose everything, I’d rather use it all up first then lose it. Thanks in advance.

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You will not lose your banked coins or gems or red stars earned all of it stays with you. Your points you earned for the club will reset to 0. I suggest wait until the perks are reset tonight so you can claim your perks. If you leave now you will lose them. However you will be able to collect the perks in the new club if they finished any.


Like Tracy said, you will lose your club points. If the team is better than the one you are in, the perks should be the same or better, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Move before they get someone else. Lol.


In other words. Some teams invite more than one person if they have a vacant spot, so you will want to accept the invite and then wait make sure the spot is still there.