If I logout my FB to change the game to a different FB account do I lose everything?

My members all wanted a way to get FB coin since nobody they know plays. So I created a private FB profile for them to send a friend request to, and then they can see our club members, add them and get coin. Some of my members created fake FB just for this because they didn’t feel comfortable adding game friends to their real FB. I myself created the fake one to link everyone to rather than use my personal for the same reasons. Being a leader I didn’t want possible complications. But now I am the only one that can’t get coins because my game is tied to my personal FB. I want to log out and then log In with my other Fb. Will I lose all my coin, progress and portrait collection?

@Honest_Play_Mommy no you don’t lose anything

Make alot of sens tho, i might open another fb

Your game is tied to your original Facebook account. There is no way to change it without starting over on the new account.

There is a way to restrict the game friends from seeing all of your information, however.


You do lose everything if you start a new Facebook account for the game only


Read below. You will lose what you have.