Ideas that would make this game more enjoyable!

I have been playing this game for quite some time and have some suggestions I feel that would truly make the game more enjoyable, attract more people and keep people from giving up on it:

Daily login bonus:
*I like to log in first thing in the morning to make sure I start collecting coins asap. It drives me insane that on days when I get 30 minutes of free play that the clock starts ticking the minute I log on, whether I activate that or not. If it is truly a bonus then I should be able to use that when I want to use it.
*30 minutes of Gold tiki card - more often than not, I receive this bonus after our club has already completed that perk and is useless. Just like free play, I should be able to bank this and use it when I want to use it.

Boosters and reverse option:
*The cost of boosters and reverse is completely ridiculous. I don’t think anything more needs to be said on that.
*Get rid of the booster that shows you which card to pick next. All it does is cause confusion and slows you down. Get rid of the time booster - also useless.

Treasure Shrine:
*This could be a great resource with some changes. Remove the ridiculous win a free medallion slot. It is just a time-wasting do-over.
*Instead of 2 of each category, have 9 different slots, a volcano being one of them
*The boosters available to win do not include the ice breaker or the wave buster - the wave buster is the one I use more than anything because those levels are brutal.

Wilds and Volcanoes:
*We should be able to purchase these with coins like the boosters and the cost to purchase these for cash is just insane

*We need more opportunities to accumulate Gems. Unless you are one of the top 5 clubs (at least in platinum league) it takes FOREVER to accumulate enough gems to purchase anything of value.

*The opportunity to message club members directly instead of using chat would be ideal. When new people join our team they don’t always know to go read the chat.
*Give leaders an opportunity to have a higher maximum for club quests. It is extremely frustrating when you are very close to achieving a quest and there is nothing you can do about it.
*Instead of showing who clicked on the club gift, show us who reached the max on club quests. This is way more important in determining who is, and isn’t, pulling their weight in the club.
*We are now in the 7th week of having “club champions” and have yet to be offered an incentive to achieve this other than a little crown on our picture. I guarantee if you offer 3 levels of gifts for the top three players, it will increase play. A chest for #1, maybe Gems for #2 and something else for #3.

Scavenger Hunts:
*These are fine in the beginning of the week after the red star re-set but a waste of time and coins later in the week when you can’t accumulate red stars at the same time.

Club Gifts/Charity:
*The double the club gifts for charity should be more frequent. This is a great opportunity for people to help out a good cause and it definitely increases how many people actually purchase club gifts.

Difficulty of levels:
*There are some levels in this game that are absolutely 100% impossible to beat without the use of boosters and/or wilds and volcanoes. That is truly unfair. There should always be a possibility to be able to win a level without having to spend extra.

Those are just my thoughts, and yes, I sent this to the support section. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all.


I agree with everything said. One thing I think needs changed is when purchasing extra cards, the amount does not need to be the same amount to play an entire game. Start at 500 then increase by 500 as needed.


I really like and agree with your ideas.


Some good points, especially the shrine!


Great ideas!!! It would be lovely if they listened. I would like to add make the reward fit the task on the club quests…making a club win 334 games for 1 wild card is hardly worth it.


I agree 100% with the daily bonus, shrine, gems, and clubs ( 30 min free play so on) being used when we want to not the second we start. I work in the morning so I have to wait until after work in order to take full advantage of some of them. I also agree with most of the boosters but I use the time booster religiously. Other than that I agree almost completely with you.
I do however hope you take advantage of that time booster. Click it before your last card when you are out of time and then you get all 3 stars instead of 2. That’s way more points.


Interesting that you say that about the time booster. The only time I have ever run out of time was when I got distracted and forgot to close out the app if I had to do something before finishing a game. I always get 2 stars if I win a game. The streak star is the difficult one for me, and the one I have to work for.


Agreed! Some of the quests are absolutely not even worth doing.


Yep, I actually meant to put that in there too but just forgot! It never ever makes sense to purchase extra cards unless you are in desperate need of a win for that particular level and you do not have a wild.

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Wow, you really put some thought into this but very well said and I agree 100%!


Yeah, the only time I’ll do the 6000 now is on a tribute game. Even if I have one card left for other games, I just let them go now.

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Totally agree with what you said but would like to add this… give a prize for most tributes acquired for the week. I work hard to get tributes when others don’t get them.


truly. My group a few days ago had the volcano near the top and me and another lady in the group had to get it back down.


I agree with what was said. I would add that the free chest should at least give the cost of a game when it gives coins.

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So many great suggestions! One other that I would love to see involves the purchase of extra coins and Tiki. I would like to see a Tiki “bonus” if extra cards are purchased in excess of 5,000 coins.

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I agree with all that was said but one thing is missing… Letting the team know how many club points it takes to finish each perk…just like the club quests. It would be nice to see.

Hopefully that’s a link to the perk breakdown you were looking for. I don’t use this much or very well… sorry if I didn’t do it right

Totally agree with you on the whole thing I hope they listen. I have almost deleted the game a few times just because of a few of those frustrating things.

I agree with everything. One thing I would add to Club suggestions, though, is that those of us who participated in club quest should not lose out on reward just because others didn’t contribute to as much or as close as required. Why not lets those of us who did try go back & make up participation of those who didn’t so we can earn reward? I’ve seen quests expire 100 pts, or 500 coins, or less shy of of goal.


Definitely! If those who participated could get a share of the reward, that would be nice.

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