Idea for The Treasure Shrine...

This post is about “Ideas & Feedback” having to do with the Treasure Shrine

  1. Why are there TWO “Medallion” slots? They really serve NO PURPOSE, other than being a WASTE OF TIME for all of us…SO MANY of us play our games during breaks at work, or when we have a few minutes, here and there and when we play “The Shrine” and the Medallion lands in one of the two slots, all it does is take away from us actually getting to play and POSSIBLY SPENDING MORE MONEY…Sometimes when I play, I land in that slot 10-12 TIMES IN A ROW…Its NOT enjoyable…

  2. Each time we play The Shrine, it costs us $2,500 Coins…Why are there two slots that are only worth $2,000 Coins as our “PRIZE/GIFT”…I mean, I am NOT suggesting to replace the slots with $5,000 Coins, even though, THAT WOULD BE AWESOME, but even if its just a few hundred Coins MORE than what we “spend”, would be nice, like $2,700…Its only letting us “win”, $200 Coins…I mean, SPENDING $2,500 Coins and ONLY “WINNING” $2,000 Coins, isn’t a “win”, right!!!

  3. How about, INSTEAD OF TWO “?” Slots, why can’t we have ONE of the slots as a Volcano Card?

Just being curious is the reason for my post and also to hear what others think about the “current Shrine”…We NEED A CHANGE…

KimberLaws, Leader of Dilly Dilly


I so agree with you!!
Maybe take out both the medallion slots and make one of them a Wild card & the other a Volcano card? Just a thought!!


Well, I don’t think they should replace them with Wild Cards, simply because the WILD card is the “center of the slots” and its the “JACKPOT ITEM”…But to replace BOTH Medallions with TWO Volcano Cards, would be AWESOME…


I agree. I think I read somewhere that they made them 2000 coins slots instead of complete loss slots to be nice. The point is have a risk of losing when you play and instead of losing the whole 2500 you only lose 500. But I agree. The whole thing can become such a nuisance and complete waste of time, especially when you keep hitting that slot. I’d much prefer to take them out completely. Make the Jackpot a Volcano card and turn the the 2000 coin slots into Wild card slots. I’m ok without the loss element to the game. I’m giving 2500 coins to “buy” something at the beginning anyways, I’m not really winning anything.


ABSOLUTELY…I would have NO PROBLEM with THAT IDEA…Turning the Jackpot Slot into a Volcano Card and take the Medallion Slots and make them Wild Card Slots…That’d be GREAT…And yeah, on the “risk” factor…I guess you’re RIGHT ABOUT THAT, DUH, didn’t even THINK about THAT, so THAT MAKES SENSE…But YEAH, the Medallion Slots are POINTLESS, just a waste of time and no fun when it keeps landing in that slot, over and over and over…

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I wish we could have a “double” jackpot occasionally.

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Yes!! Love this… I agree with the $2000 not being a win and would love to see the medallion slots replaced with wild cards and the “current” wild card slot replaced with a volcano card.

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The issue with all these ideas to better the shrine is balance. If you add the game developers will generally have to take things away in order to not make things too easy because easy games cause people to get bored and then bored people leave.

For example, Let’s say you get unlimited volcanos. This game is gonna get really boring really quickly. So, you if you ask for volcanos and wild slots, Prepare for the cost to get to 9000 a game at least and 2k slots changed to 0 or lose 2500 and a change to maybe 50 congrats to get a free medallion.

So agree. Super frustrating when you’re trying to be quick or get a a booster and you keep hitting the medallion slots. This game is agonizing enough with the huge losses.

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Bet you wish you had those medallion slots now, huh? It was a free replay. Another shot at something better. Now enjoy that 500 coin spot, huh?


Have NO CLUE WHY you’re being such a SNOT to ME…And NO ACTUALLY, I am NOT, I still have the ORIGINAL VERSION, with the Medallions on either end…We OBVIOUSLY KNOW they will NEVER please EVERYONE…But I’ll take the “new version” and GO WITH IT, when I DO GET IT…But I darn sure will NEVER have to be SNOTTY to others, over a GAME…At least I THINK this is STILL A GAME…

It wasn’t meant towards you personally, dear heart. As we have seen over the past several months, nothing is getting better in favor of the players in this game, so please, let’s just leave well enough alone. And, sure, I am pretty bummed about the new shrine. When I searched forum to see what people are saying about it, I stumbled on this thread of people asking to “make it better”. Well, it just got worse. Yes, it is a game. But it is also disappointing when something you enjoy playing gets more and more unenjoyable, and to know other players may have led to this unfavorable change…gonna let you know how I feel. Sorry if that hurt your feelings.


They have changed my shrine and I’m not happy! The medalians are gone, replaced with wild cards but next to those slots are 500 coins (really), next is free plays, then 2000 coins and boosters are only available in the center slot. Why would you play when 4 of the 9 slots are losers

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A change could be to change the wild card slot and replace it with a volcano card and 2 wild card slots. A 3000 coin slot. And a mystery slot with poi’s picture (a random booster.)

No more shrine ideas please after the most recent test. The idea you mentioned would have a 10k shrine cost minimum. Maybe 15k. Maybe they will include a wheel of fortune bankruptcy coin too.

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I don’t like the new treasure shrine at all! It’s not helping me out any! They should have left it alone! I do not like the new Treasure hunt either!

So maybe just switch the poi for the wild to make it a surprise volcanoe or wild card. You can use the change once a week. Or poi’s birthday!

My shrine changed, now the medallion are gone and they have 2 slots where I can only get 200 coins, that’s crap!!!