I'd really like the option to change my clubs name

Please, allow leaders to change their clubs name. I foolishly named mine Have Fun. Let’s just say I’m not attracting serious players.


I would very much like that option too!


Same here! I inherited my team and there is 5or 6 all with the same name! Many of our team members have been with us for 2-3 years and we don’t want to lose our lifetime points.


I agree, I would also like to change my club name, as i inherited the club I am sure you used to be able to do this, but can’t be sure.


I also inherited club with terrible name! Need to change. Now they’re having contests with Best Club Names? How unfair is that??!!


@Kcooney57, you could start your own club with your own club name.

Btw, I love the name I created, Play4perks, which there were no other club with that name at the time (3.5 years ago), no there are 2 others.

Besides, best club name, is like getting struck by lightening, with the number of clubs in this game.

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I also inherited my team, with a club name that is not one worthy of being a “WINNER” for the contest OF BEST CLUB NAME, as others have also mentioned and I agree, how unfair is that, LOL??!!
AS we ALL get the option of a free, ONE TIME personal name change, I feel that we should have the same option for a FREE, ONE TIME, CLUB NAME CHANGE. After that, maybe the option to “buy”, with club coins, perhaps?

I would love to change the club name! I inherited the club and there is many clubs with the same name and it doesn’t truly describe our team.

Really? Contests? Just here or in the game?