Icons blocking cards during game play

The icons for purchasing coins in the upper left corner and sometimes the remedy card icons, upper right, blocks the card suit from view on many games. So, if you’re trying to decide which card to choose next and you need a Diamond for example to finish the totem, you have no way to see if it’s a Jack of Diamonds or Hearts. It could be my phone…does anyone else have this problem?


It’s your phone – but it’s my phone too

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Yeppers! I get that on my devise also

I haven’t submitted a help issue yet, maybe it’s time to do so…thanks for sharing!

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Well, that was odd…somehow I created a new account instead of posting this under my current one…??? Regardless, I’ll have to submit a ticket with CS. I’m sure it won’t be addressed any time soon, but maybe it’ll get on the list of things to address. Thanks for your feedback!

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I have that problem on my phone too. I figured that it was an iPhone thing.

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Mine is a Samsung Note4…

If you tilt your phone away from you the cards will usually slide down some and you can see the tops of them.

Yes it has happened. I just hope for the best…lol

Tilting the phone didn’t work for me, unfortunately but thanks for the tip! Hope it works for others.

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I have that issue also :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

It happens to me a lot in the upper left corner

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