Ice Hotel needs new dedicated daily players to rebuild our club

Our club Ice Hotel is looking for daily dedicated players to come join our family. We’re a strict club but a friendly relaxed group for the right players. We’re sadly rebuilding after a few took life breaks then rest of team decided to walk as not a full team. We’re back in gold but maintaining top 10!

I’m the leader

If you can get a min of 10k (most well exceed this! & keeping this low till we rebuild!) & we have second accounts within the team to that we actively use!
We regularly dig but it ISNT EXPECTED but If you qualify our strict rules apply of min 6 shovels on OPEN/Worked on holes & NOT JUST RANDOMLY DIG ANY HOLES PLS!
You must follow/read/Use chat to see which holes were digging. The aim is to work on one/or TWO MAX open holes & take turns till you’ve got gold out of that/those holes! You’ll just annoy & we NEED EVERY SHOVEL IN CORRECT HOLES! :wink: If you cant KEEP TO THESE rules or two busy to dig PLS JUST DONT QUALIFY IS BEST :wink:

We regularly reach 1st or second place & rarely below this! If you can’t follow these strict rules pls don’t qualify otherwise you’ll likely to be removed! If you new & not sure how to dig or need to learn pls join our FB Group were will happily share or tag you in a post we have exactly how to dig/we can happily teach you. But you’ve got to be prepared to learn to stay or just don’t qualify PLSSSSSS :wink: otherwise not fair on rest of team & we need EVERY SHOVEL TO B USED CORRECTLY & NOT WASTED! :wink:

But CQ ARE ALWAYS OUR PRIORITY & expect you to max your share! If we’re short we’ve got a great cross team who regularly help us. Pls return favour when asked/your available to do so :wink:

Finally a strict 24hrs idle limit unless we prior notified pls

We look forward to welcoming you to our family

I’ve attached our club notes/rules so you’ll be clear b4 you request to join

Im the leader of 4twistedsisters. We are platinum. Curious if you would be interested in merging?

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Bumping for any new recruits for after reset tonight! :wink: We’ve rebuilt nicely last reset but still a few spaces to fill :wink:

Your rules are exactly like my club rules and I have just alerted my team, I need to quit being a Leader and just go back to playing. We have 9 members that I would like to take to your team, I am also going to request to join your FB page so we can hopefully chat one-on-one soon!