Ice Hotel looking for commited players that can follow are simple rules ;)

Ice Hotel are looking for dedicated players. We’re a relaxed team who usually completes all perks minus 6 & special. When we had a full dedicated team we’ve had completion but sadly we’re down on numbers again :frowning:
Were a very active team.All we ask is you max your share of CQ,1k points minimum b4 first idle & no long idle times for 24hrs unless you let me/the team know. As we do remove
You must read/use chat. Plus ensure you play your part in the team.
Were a high scoring/ranking gold league team, holding strong for many weeks now. We’d like to progress to platinum or higher but need the team support. We were a few weeks ago but sadly we got demoted again :disappointed:
But sadly lost a load of good players recently who failed to follow our simple rules so we’re on the look out again.
We’re usually a highly ranked team in club comps’ also & We DONT make it mandatory as club quests are our priority. But if you do qualify a MINIMUM of 6 shovels in worked on holes (not separate ones!) not 3 or 5 or none at all as I will be forced to remove you even if high scoring!
Were relaxed as no set wkly minimums etc but still expect your to be committed.

So if that sounds like the club for you check us out. But pls ensure your fully aware & committed to follow our rules before joining :wink:

I’m the clubs leader & I look forward to welcoming you to our club soon