I was charged for things I didn’t buy plus didn’t get anything for it

I do not know how to contact but I bought two things for this game this morning but was charged for three extra things and didn’t even get the extra items. Please help

I attached a screenshot of it

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Hi @Charisse!
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Submit a ticket to Support by clicking the menu button in the game, select help, then Contact Us at the bottom. You will be able to attach your screen shot.
Good luck!

What Rhonda said. But I would also get a hold of the in app purchase, mine is google play and notify them of the error. You only have I believe 30 days for discrepancy through your payment provider. Honestly not sure if support will be quick enough to fix. So do both


Good luck. I had this happen and Apple said it was the games fault and the game said it was Apple’s fault. I had screen shots too and I got nowhere.

It happened to me too, tripeaks wouldn’t help and Apple said “no refund” with no explanation, I went through my bank to get the charges reversed and Apple canceled my card, to me it’s ridiculous that they won’t refund, it’s such a small amount and they rip us off with this. I will never buy anything from them again