I want to join a active club

Hi guys I really wanna join a club that is active and gets good result. I’m in a public group now and i can’t say that it is active so it really disappointing when I’m trying hard to finish perks but and there are only 3-4 members active. Does anyone have a spot for me?


Hi Mary. The blessed one have a spot open. We are currently ranked 717 but have some active players. We only have 29 members at the moment so our ranking is quite good. We would be happy to have you. We use chat regularly too. :slight_smile:

Tomorrow our club, Round The World, will have an opening. We just started out club last Friday, and we’re currently ranked in the 800s. We’re looking for 1 active player who reads the chat and chases tributes. We like to joke around and have fun, but also like to get perks done. Let me know if you’re interested. :blush:

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great week! Would really like to join a club where the other members actually play and contribute. The last club I was in I kept losing out on perks and club rewards because no one else was doing them. I play everyday as often as possible throughout the day, so please if anyone is looking for club members who will be active could you please send me an invite. Thanks a bunch! Have a blessed weekend!


Jennifer, our club has an opening. We are Con"tributes" typed in exactly like that. We have a 15,000 weekly minimum and ask that you get there as quick as possible, say hi when you join the club and let us know if you can’t make minimum. We get all 6 perks and sometimes the 7th if it is the small one. We don’t have anymore rules than that. We don’t have a daily minimum or tribute minimum. You don’t have to chat after you say hi, we just need to know you read chat, we don’t have drama and we don’t worry about our rank as long as we get all 6 perks! We are pretty laid back…look us up!

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Opdatering : Hej Vi er en dansk klub og chatter på dansk…1 ledig plads lige nu til en aktiv dansk spiller…vi rangerer som nr 155 lige nu og forventer at vi slutter blandt de første 250 målet er top 100. Vi hedder “Danmark”

Our club Perk Crushers is looking for active players! We are a 3,000 points before idle. Minimum 20,000 points before midnight Sunday night EST and 40,000 at end. 24 hours idle gets the boot, unless you let us know ahead of time that you will be away. We try to be a top 100 club, we are currently In 218th place, but this week 3 people have been booted.

We just require 7k minimum at least daily no more than 24hr idle
If you send a request to Win Lots or reply here saying what the name of ur club is i can also send an invite
But pls do note our requirements

Looking for 2 players that like to chat and will actively play. No maximum coins required but you do have to be an active player. Club Fancy Pants usually gets halfway through perk 6

@Sharon_Lindsay How do you have 29 players my club has a limit of 25.

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Sorry Michelle. Our club only has 25 the limit. Not sure why it is showing up as 29.

If you haven’t found a spot yet Fancy Pants has 2 openings but we are chatters :yum:

Sunny island will most likely need players at perks end it’s invite only club I’m leader send me friend request on fb please I’ll keep you in mind jeni Johnson from Indiana tell it for tri peaks so I accept

Could I join your club? I’m new but very active now that I have a better understanding of the status quo. I’m currently #1 on my leader board but my team mates aren’t very active or helpful. Thanks for your consideration, m3

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Check out Perks Unlimited, we always finish above 100, 50k p/week minimum (easy if you play every day), don’t pick a team that finishes under 100, you won’t get all of the perks! Good luck and have fun!

Michelle, check out my post for a new team start up!

We currently don’t have an opening, when we do I can let you know!

Did you find a club yet you like if not check sunnys island out we usually rank in the 300 layed back all we ask is do your best follow perk order and read chat 30k week if don’t get that right away not big issue we might be able to help you with achieving it

Fun in the Sun 2. Do u score 10,000 n over also do u work on tributes? Keep this group name in mine n anytime your ready make the request. Right this minute the spots r filled but depending in your scores I could release a low playing player 8,000 n lower is our low playing :slight_smile: have fun either way

Hi johnson, do you have a slot for me?

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