I’ve lost my coins twice

I have lost all of my coins twice. The first time it was 35,000+ and the second time was only 2,800 or so. Has anyone else had this happen??

I lost all of my coins once right at week beginning with a new team, I wrote of course received no answer or coins I didn’t know my exact balance n wasnt responded to ever just getting back up there now…but still its a frustrating n unfair glitch not to fix…also DID land in the TS bucket was so excited but again no coins n no response! Good luck!

Send a ticket in through the help section on the game app. Seems there is a glitch with that with some players due to facebook, if it is not an option use this email solitairetripeakssupport@gsn.com

Make sure to take a screenshot. I never can remember and it helps them as well


I have sent a request and still haven’t received my lost coins. They had no problem telling me it was a Facebook problem and then closing the ticket. I did fix the Facebook problem on my own

If you have the screenshots, resubmit the ticket. If nothing happens in 48hrs, maybe someone else here knows of an alternative way to reach support.

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