I’ve been demoted to co leader

How do I get my leader role back someone else is the leader now after I didn’t play for a few weeks :rage:

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Sounds like since you were inactive for a few weeks that’s why you were demoted. An inactive leader make it difficult for a club to function properly. I would suggest if you know you would be inactive is to find a rest club. To become a leader create a new club than you will be a leader in it. A Leader can pass the horns to another player. I had seen posts with players concerned that a leader has gone idle and no one knew what happened


What if there was a glitch an I was dropped an added, dropped an added the a new player was made leader. I had a co leader return me to at least coleader. An a lot of members mad new guy is leader. How do we fix it

He would have to pass the horns, maybe you can convince him?

I would either try to convince him to give me my leader status back or if he won’t and the other club members are mad about it as well then everyone band together and just leave and make a new club.

Who made him leader? That should be voted on by ALL club members. If he is doing a great job as leader then just play and have fun. Give him a chance and if It doesn’t work out then all members should vote for a change in leadership. It’s a big responsibility that I wouldn’t want for myself. It should always be about having fun. Sometimes people take it too seriously and there’s no fun in that. I hope everything works out. Have fun.