I need help syncing my game to a new device:

Hi, I’ve been an active player for a while now. Recently, I just got an iPad, and I was able to login into my account. But, I’m not on the correct level or group or anything. If anyone could help me with this it would really be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum @Mary_Dunn. If the game didn’t start you over, the only thing I can think of, was maybe a some point (probably a long time ago), you previously logged in and saved your progress at that time.

Do you still have your old device, with your most current progress?


Make sure your connected to your FB account. I just went to a new divice also. Needed to connect with the.to tranfer my current game.

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@Mary_Dunn, also try clearing Safari cache. That has helped a couple of our team members.

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