I need a new club...

I got kicked while I was on break visiting family for Thanksgiving. I joined a new club, but they are not as active. The volcano keeps erupting. :volcano: I need a new club, but not one that kicks active players for being idle for a day or two.

Friende would love to welcome you! Very easy rules and no boots as long as you communicate :grin:

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Thank you. I will join after I collect rewards in my current Club.

Come join Playa’s Playa’s! We need a new player. Platinum league club. 22k per week. We just ask people to change their name when gone a couple days so we don’t boot them.

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Thank you for the invite, but the word “mandatory” in your description is kinda the opposite of what I am looking for.

Hi. The game will not allow me to accept your club invite. I have not made it to Penguin Rock yet.

Perks Unite would love to have you!! Come on over and check is out!

What level/island are you on? I will change it

Tiki charms is a group that plays for fun and to win when we can. As long as you communicate need for time away you won’t be bootef

I’m currently on Totem Isle.

Changed it to Totem Isle

justMe. We have openings, would be perfect,

Poi’s Players needs members!

We need players. For real is the name

If you can make over 15k play comps and read chat also club quests and tell us if you gonna be off for more than 24hrs you are welcome to join our club we are a platinum and we normally get all perks and the xtra perk each week we are very friendly but reading chat is very important

you can join my club

I’ve been a member of Groovy Living for over a year. No pressure, just fun. I see that members are only kicked when have been inactive for a couple of weeks. Not a lot of communication, but if you have a question, leaders are helpful.

If you are still looking What the Perk needs new teammates!

I need new players to join my club… KC’s Clan

Come join I am, I am! We don’t want you to be idle for 36 hours unless you let us know. We are trying to grow & are looking for active players. Chatting is a fun bonus, but not a requirement!