I need a new club, anyone looking for a member?

I am always in the number 1 spot for my club competitions and I am usually in the top 15 for the leaderboard if not top 10. My club just isn’t very active except for a couple of us. I play every day. Looking for a new club, anyone looking for members?


We have an opening at the moment someone just left…
The Fab 6
We complete all 7 perks each week

Rank is a little off this am usually between 125 and 275

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Would love to have you in The Flying Monkey club! Just created less than 2 weeks ago and currently in Top 1k. Looking to take members to the Top 50<. Still weeding out the players sadly. If full send a request to join. Have players not playing. Have a 24 hour no play. As long as perks are being taking care of and your playing I’d love to have you!:blush::+1::monkey:


It says your club is full :frowning:

You are welcome to Super Tara Club :slight_smile:

We are looking for new members on ‘girls have fun’. We are in a bit of transition as have some people not pulling their weight as well. We’ve normally been in the 250-350 rank. What is the name of your club & your game name? I can look you up.

I deleted some players who weren’t playing. Go ahead and come on over! Would love to have you!:blush::+1::monkey:

We have 3 spots open at moment. Club name: dilly dilly

Hi my name is Kimba and would love to join your club. My club is Q Tip and people just don’t seem to want to play. No team effort. I want to be in a team that plays and try’s to win the quest’s. This team just doesn’t seem to care. I don’t care what you’re rating’s are as long as you try. I would like to join and see how it goes thanks Kimba

I cannot find your club @Kimba. It does need to be exactly how it is in the game, case sensitive.

Kimba just started The Flying Monkey club. Looking for some serious players that want to go to Top 50<. I had to put an invite only because I kept getting players named guest who would just waste the space and not play. Please send a request to join and I’d be happy to have you in the club!:blush::+1::monkey:

AlwaysActiveFun is looking for some great players. Right now rank is 900 because we’ve lost some key members but normally ranking 500

Send a request to join. Would love to have you. I have The Flying Monkey club. Just started up 9/22 and are Top 1k. Still trying to find good players and chat input

Would love to have you. My club is The Flying Monkey. Send a request to join!:heart:

Come check our Cancer Killers! Looking for new committed players!

Im looking for a club to join. Yesterday I had over 500 perks, and around 30000 club points. I play on and off during the day and at night.

Hi I am new too so add me please

Hey Wendy we wud love to have you! We are 8 weeks old n we rank in btw 700 to 900. We are having trouble finding that last few spots to reliable, competitive, n communitive players. Our name is “Game of Prawns” n my name is Wendy also so u can find us if u wud like to join! Good luck whatever you do!

Come join our family… Roxys Club…we have a 15k /wk goal but many of us hit the 30-40k mark. We play for fun… we will have an open spot on our team on Friday morning after the Perk celebration…

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Send a request to join The Flying Monkey we’d love to have you!:blush: