I need a good home club

Looking for a good club in gold league. Currently in platinum and I am over it totally. Like the perks in numerical order not work on perk 6 with no club rewards for days on end. I ALWAYS complete club quests & enjoy dig. I like to play & do my share but don’t want play like it’s a full time job. Thanks…

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Check out Poi’s Party.

Our club Friende would love to welcome you. Our perk order is 1, 2, 3, 6, 4, 5. Easy rules 2k per day, 100 tributes by end of week. We know life happens, just let us know.

Join Tiki Fun gold club and happy to stay there. Great core group of every day team players. 10k and 30 Tributes a werk. Use chat read notes. No random digging. Morgan is the Leader and Angel is club leader

DIRTY DUCKS - Looking for active players to join our Gold league club. Our main focus has been completing perks, club quests & collecting tributes. We’ve got a pretty good strategy on completing the dig which has placed us in first place several times. No 24 hours idle without notification, 200 minimum tributes per week & please be willing to interact in the group chat. Come join us if interested & if you’re a team player who wants to win gems & perks! :slight_smile:

Check out my club - ice hotel

We’re currently in top spot of gold so on track to go to plat’ at reset

Send us an invite if you wish

If you’re still looking come to sea dragon
We need some teammates

Playing 4 fun, a gold club (week 1 in gold and in top 3) looking for daily chatty active players to get us up into platinum. There is a few other clubs with the same name. I’d interested look for the one with Nicole as the leader. We do perk order in 1,2,5,3,4,6. We are on 3 now.

If you’re still searching for a good club to call home come check out Schipperke Love. We are in the gold league and pretty lax. We’re not trying to be number one, just playing to stay gold and complete perks, cq, and compete in the Competition. We have a pretty low minimum and understand life happens. When it does we just ask that you communicate with the team. If you’re active come check us out!

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Please have a look at RikkiTikiTavi.

Free play looking for a few players with a life but can contribute

Puppy luv is a great team. We ask 10 tribs a day or 70 by reset. No 48 hrs idle unless you let us know. We want ppl to enjoy the game♡