I’m looking for a attractive club

I want to be a part of a attractive club where there are people that are always playing and that can be friends with it would be awesome I love sending gifts back and forth and doing all the quest I’m on every day playing

How many points do you make? My club, le iene ridens, will need at least 1 new player at perk restart. We require 10k per day/70k per week. We typically range between rank 15-30.

if you can get at least 10k but preferably 20k I would love to have you at

Friendly 10000

We pretty much all chat and everyone plays daily and most of us are connected on facebook

Team Lee is looking for some new members. We are in the process of trying to rebuild our team as some of our members went to top 100 teams. We require 21,000 weekly points and no idle time over 18 hours without prior notice. Will be made public in just a few moments.

We are an awesome new team (week 2) currently ranked above 50, and have players from all over so someone is always on. Please send me a message or reply if you would like to join!

Mimi’s Island is looking for players like you. 16 hours max idle and 30k per week min. We have loads of fun, share our lives and support each other.