I am Looking for a club to join immediately!

The club I have been in for some time now, has never had many players and many don’t ever play anyhow. I have decided I really want to be in a much more active club!! I’m ready to PLAY!!! Tell me how i can join your club, PLEASE!! I wanna join a club NOW if possible! Thank you!

My club is Perky Players. We would love to have you!

Yay, how do I join? Its been so long since I joined the one I am in now.

Go to Discover tab and type in Perky Players and then hit search. We are a public group so just click to join. We have 2 spots open

The icon is the bull with the horns

We have an opening

The Fab 6

We complete all 7 perks every week currently on 6…we changed the order to get tiki sooner

We have an opening, minimums are 25k a week and 100 tributes, but like fun too, if this sounds like The type of club you are looking to join

Please join The Flying Monkey club. Just started less than 2 weeks and are already in the Top 1k! I’d love to have you!:blush::+1:

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Check out Tiki MonStars, awesomeness in a team :hugs:

Come join The Flying Monkey club. We need active players who play tributes for perks and club quest. 24 hour idle. Send a request to join :+1::blush: