I am in need of a club

Hi everyone, I have been kicked out of my club for not being on. Been dealing with family in the hospital. I am a loyal player and love to compete. I am home and ready!

I message you and you can decide if you’d like to join

Come over and join our club!

Our club is Mary Jane

Hi Twig, The Resty Place would love to have you. Here are our rules. Let me know what you think!

May I join your club as well, I’m an active player (sometimes too active according to my husband lol)

Yes!! We have two spot available right now. What’s your username?

Come join My Coffee Break. As long as you let us know you can’t play we usually make exceptions. We go from gold to platinum to gold. Rules are 20k weekly, players utes and club quest. If you qualify for competition you must play. Hope to see you soon. Send request to join.

Never mind I think I found you. Let me know if you received my invite.

Hi Twig, if you haven’t yet found a club, please PM me: Deby Schelle. Thanks

Request to join GroovyGoldGet! We love to welcome new mates!

Du suchst Club ? Wir suchen Dich :slight_smile:

Was jetzt noch fehlt ? …unser Club heißt tricky~tiki

Mein Partner und ich haben zuvor in der Legende gespielt, hatten Lust auf was eigenes und so laaaangsam festigt sich der ein oder andere bei / mit uns … wir haben noch Platz und freuen uns auf engagierte spieler :heart:

Tiki_scotland is a Platinum TEAM striving to get back to Diamond and stay there. We are a friendly no nonsense little family.
If you can do minimum 45 - 50 a week, Max daily CLUB QUESTS, play tributes, and chat to us, give it a try & join us. If you’re going to be idle more than 18hrs, you need to inform me on chat. I don’t boot easily, I understand we all have a life. Just don’t take advantage of my good nature. Try us, what do you have to lose?? We have 3 open spaces! Tiki_scotland

Angels would love to have u join. No stress, no drama. Just have fun

Little gems would like to offer you a new home if you not already taken

Hi Twig, We have a few spots open in Canada Cards. We are casual and chat respectively. All members are asked to get a minimum of 25 tributes a week and play the digging competitions as a team if you choose to qualify. We’d love to have you if you wish. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, was wondering if you had two spots available…I play with 2 accounts…I don’t usually do cq unless they are for the gems or point doublers… My strength is that with the 2 accounts I can play back to back with myself for digging comp. So I already get at least 15-25 bars with no problem.

Hi Melissa, I was wondering what team you were in when this happened. We had 2 Melissa’s on our team, both were dropped after qualifying for the gem competition game then not playing and no communication on why, not their daily play. I’m sure if you explained the reason why you couldn’t play after qualifying you could come/go back.

Check out my team - Ice Hotel -

Sadly we’re rebuilding but don’t let that put you off

All we ask in return is 10k a week min (most well exceed this!)

No 24hrs idle unless notified

Digging is optional but if you qualify it’s min of 6 shovels

CQ are our priority

You are welcome in Canada Cards. We just ask for 25 tributes minimum per week and if you choose to qualify for club comps, to play as a team. If using your 2 accounts, this wouldn’t be an issue🙂