How to switch between Facebook users

Does anyone know how to switch between FB users on the phone? My son was using my phone and now I can’t get back in to my account. Thanks! :smiley:

I’ve tagged someone that may be able to answer your question

Open the game, click on the picture in the top left corner. There should then be a button that has a picture of the Facebook logo and it should say log out.

Jackie, once you do as Kayteajay mentioned above, if that didn’t do it, then:

In the Facebook app, near the top right corner, tap on the menu button (the 3 horizontal bars), then scroll all the way down to log out. You can then sign in FB as you.

Then go back into tripeaks, to your profile pic (top left corner again) and log in.

Tripeaks should log in to the current FB user logged in to the FB app.

Thx for responses. It allows me to login and log out but it doesn’t give me an option to switch users. For me to switch users I have to delete the app and reinstall. Surely there has to be an easier way to do this without reinstalling the app every time.

Is that the Facebook app that doesn’t allow you to switch users?

This is the order of tasks I do when I switch accounts

Log out of tripeaks
Close tripeaks app completely
Log out of FB
Log in FB in other account
Open tripeaks (should reload app)
Log in on tripeaks app

There was a while there where I had to uninstall & reinstall other day to get ads. Thank goodness that’s better now, that was annoying!

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CindyLu’s list of instructions is perfect! Thanks Cindy! If that doesn’t work, let us know here and we’ll attempt to troubleshoot another solution.

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