How to show others you are at your club limit.

hello all! I noticed others are able to let others know in the chat that they hit their club limit on club quest. I’ve tried many times but I think I am doing something wrong! I usually try and click on the check mark and the horn but it tells me someone else already gave a notification. If someone can explain it to me in simple terms, that’d be so helpful! It may be better if someone can show screenshots if possible! Thank you!!

Hi @pixieeeee, only one person in the club can announce with the horn (per club quest). In our club all others post in chat the word “maxed” to show we did our part.

oh, got it!! thank you so much Cindy!! :heart::pray::sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:

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You have to do it on honour so just go into the chat and let everyone know that you have “Maxed CQ” and then cheer for each other

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