How to reduce size of Game

Documents and Data of my Tri Peaks game on my iPad and take 9.39 GB of storage. I delete everything from iPad except Tri Peaks game and System but iPad storage is full now and i cannot log in to play anymore. Anyone have an advice how to reduce Documents & Data of Tri Peaks application. Can i uninstall and instal again to keep my coins and rewards?

Thank You in Advice

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if you have the game linked to your Facebook account, then a delete and reinstall will do the trick.


Thank You for the tip Crystal but problem is, i don’t have Facebook account.

@Tajo, FB accounts are easy to create, and you don’t have to use it for anything besides Tripeaks :smile:


@Tajo clear your cache i do this regularly

@Mags i clear cache on Safari regularly and there is zero Website data but Tri Peaks data size of 9GB and thats problem. I cannot open Tri Peaks game even if have Facebook i still cannot open game to link to it.

Thank You

Thank You all for Your help i resolve all my problems. I delete Tri Peaks Application and reinstall again, now is everything OK.

Thank You All:fu:


@Flauxpas, no, you don’t lose anything when you uninstall and reinstall the game. I’ve done that sooooo sooooo many times. :slight_smile: