How to play Glowing Grotto

I have no idea how to get through Glowing Grotto. Any suggestion

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Not sure what level you’re on, but you may need some boosters, unless you have the golden tiki [it helps in getting rid of obstacless like traps, bombs, etc.]. If you’re not in a club that gets the golden tiki, it can be difficult.

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The dreaded grotto!!! A very expensive island!
I got very frustrated trying to get through that one! Best of luck to you


I hi have oinly been able to get through 3 games.

One of my favorite islands!!! Have no suggestions though, so far past it that I don’t recall. I like revisiting it for events or tributes but don’t know if I had lots of trouble with it. I hated big barrier reef at first!!! Good luck, maybe lots of coins and boosters!

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Basically, you can skip playing tiki seas if you don’t have GoldenTiki. It is prohibitively expensive going through any of the tiki seas Islands without it. However once you have golden tiki, glowing grotto is my go to island for red stars.

Nothing special will be needed, just normal use of boosters and buy mores at the right time. Often times boosters or buy mores aren’t necessary. There is one very nasty level somewhere in the middle however, but i can’t recall what number it was.


The gold card start helps a lot, and utilizing the hold card in the best way. I actually love this level once u get about 1/2 way it gets a bit harder but I love it for red stars …

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