How to find inventory of booster

How do I access my inventory of boosters to see which I would like to purchase? Thanks!


By clicking clubs bottom left of your screen, than click shops, right beside it says your gem balance.

Thanks, Tracy. What I am looking for is the box at the top right of the screen that sometimes appears when you finish a quest that lists how many boosters you currently have (e.g. trap torches, defusers, defrosters, etc.). I would like to know how to make this appear before a game to see if I need to purchase boosters.

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Yeah, it’s not an ideal set up, if you finish your quests, the inventory disappears. They do need to leave it on for us to view!


After you play a game and hit next or replay you’ll get a screen with an orange arrow at the top. Click that to see your inventory.


Thanks, Emerald Blue!

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I didn’t know you could do this

Thank you Emerald Blue

… I have been wondering about this for a very long time!