How to earn more club points

Hi there, not sure if it’s a repeat topic, but couldn’t find an answer anywhere. Basically I see members of other clubs getting 100-300k club points per week (per member!), I feel like I do play a fair amount and I average on 30k points per week. I play variety of levels, use boosters and play tributes to increase club points, but I don’t understand how other players get so many points. Do they just sit around playing literally all day? Or is there a way to get more club points somehow? Please help, I’m so confused!


I get around between 70of to 100k a week but I play all day and play all the quest games


@RZZ, they may be using a lot of boosters and coins to win every hand. I could probably earn more if I wanted to use up everything I have, but I would probably have to buy more to keep playing. I try to watch how much I spend on the game, and not go over my monthly budget LOL. So there is a balance, and I’m happy with my weekly average :slight_smile:

Also, some teams take a non competitive week every month to build up their banks and booster collection.

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I have on the odd occasion gotten 70-100 k. And that is a lot of work! My average is more so 35-48k. It’s more manageable, and we manage to get all 6 perks and the 7th as long as it is not more than 250k. Those top teams rack up some serious points!