How To Delete An Account Attached To Facebook

I have an old account (tablet died) that is attached to Facebook. Is there a way to delete that account so that I can replace it with my current/active account? This one is really built up and I don’t want to lose it.

Note to TriPeaks: PLEASE make it easier to merge accounts - and preferably NOT through Facebook!!!

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You can try asking GSN to deactivated your other Facebook account, otherwise just hit cancel when it prompts you about the other account. You can also try to clear the cookies/data on your browser.

Unfortunately, GSN has not been helpful in this matter. They insist that I submit a request from the device where the account is located, which is impossible, as that device is no longer active. Some people have suggested opening another Facebook account; however, I don’t like having one - let alone two!! I’m doing very well, in a really good club. If something happens to my tablet, I’m done with TriPeaks. There are a lot of games out there - ones that are run by companies that make it infinitely easier to merge accounts when something happens to a device. Note: If I remember correctly, GSN will allow only one merge!!

Hi not sure whobi should bebtalking to but I was hacked on m TN Facebook account and I’m wondering I should talk to about that

If you still have access to the game you can submit a ticket through the game or email

Hi, Dennis. I, too, suggest that you send an email to TriPeaks about the issue. Be sure to submit it from the device on which you play!

If you were hacked via Facebook, you should change your password and let your family and friends know. Not sure how contacting Solitaire TriPeaks support will help in this situation.