How to change to different perks.

How do you change to different level of perks. Mine seem to go in order. Can someone explain for me

As long as you are a leader or coleader, on the main screen click where you see the perks, top right side the word recorder is there

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You want to work on the same perks as everyone else in your club, so you should discuss with the group what order your club should be tackling them. Some are harder than others, but give greater rewards. If you try and do perks in a different order than the others in your club, everyone will earn rewards at a slower rate. Your leader or co-leaders are the only ones that can set the order of perks. Our club does 1,6,3,2,5,4 However, I believe individually you can select which one you want to work on by clicking in perks (I can’t verify right now because we’ve finished all of them. I do remember a rogue player who was working on a different perk. The leader had to reorder to force her back with everyone else).

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Question about perks: I got bumped up to leader by default and didn’t know what the “reorder” button was for. I honestly thought I was ordering something I was using. Lol. It took the perks out of the 123 order. Is there a way to go back to the 123 order or just leave it as is?

Hi @Ladybug55, to reorder the perks: after you tap the Reorder button, you’ll see up and down arrows to the right of each perk. With those arrows you can move the perks up and down to put them in the order you want. The top perk is first to work on, and the bottom is the last. After you have then set, be sure to hit the Save button.

Good luck on your new team, and ask questions anytime! :slight_smile: