How to change the name of the club?

How to change the name of the club? I just don’t see it. Sorry and thx :slight_smile:

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@Zeljana1 - I recently learned this myself after our former leader left and I searched in the forums here. There is no way to do this, only the motto can be changed. You’d have to leave the club and create a new one.


@Dark_Faery Well, I had to try here. Thx✌


No problem, happy to help.:blush: It would make club management easier at times, so I’d love to see that. I went through a lot a couple weeks ago notifying everyone and trying to get them on board to leave our club and join a new one just because I wanted a fresh start name change after our founder suddenly made me leader and promptly left without a goodbye, so I know the desire to change a club name well.


@Dark_Faery . I understand, believe me.

I think I’ll put this as a suggestion. Here on Forum they have special part dedicated to new ideas.