How Red Stars are earned

Please explain how you earn red stars. Sometimes I earn them fast, then sometimes I can play for literally hours without earning a single one.

You earn them by winning the levels. Gold stars are permanent. Red stars are temporary. They are reset each Sunday night. You may replay the same levels each week to earn red stars.

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I have plenty of red star boosters, so on the weeks it’s double coins I will use 3/4 at a time when I first get on so my time is like 9/12hrs that covers most of the day so when I’m popping on for tributes threw the day it hasn’t run out on me…and if I have more time I’ll start at the beginning and work threw islands
The only time I truly chase red stars is during double week,
Normally just playing I’m gold sometimes platinum in the star league. But really to be Diamond or higher I think it cost a lot and takes a lot of time, Iv been Diamond a few times but otherwise I don’t really play them unless it’s a quest thing or doubles week.

When you need red stars for CQs or other your leader board always use a red star booster to get double. If you play where you already have red stars then go elsewhere until the week resets aka Sunday night 11pm.

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The reset at 11 pm in what time zone?

I believe it’s 11pm any time zone’s local time but I’m not sure.