How much this game has went down the toilet

I would just like discuss the entire game platform,and what has happened to it? Your odds if winning use to be 40-80 now ur odds of winning are 10-90, I don’t understand the point making it an impossible game to win when you keep adding more challenges? And its boring now,I’m sure like myself,you can only lose some many games til you become so frustrated and quit playing,the reason a lot of us are still here is because of the friendships we’ve creatted from our clubs,you have taken the fun out of it and its become a very depressing borring game,why did it change so much? And why doesn’t any body ever get back to you when u contact them about missing coins,gems,boosters,etc? And is Arman the only person available to never get back with you? I wish I could just delete this stupid boring time consuming game,but I stay for my club!!!

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I totally agree with everything you said. I have formed some great friendships in my club and stay because of those friendships. :slight_smile:


I absolutely agree. The new scavenger hunts are a royal rip off of coins and boosters