How many points are needed for each Perk?

A player in my group has asked this question in chat and no one can help her because we do not know the answer. So, I’m asking here… When you’re trying to complete a Perk, we would like to know how many points are needed to complete it. I know each Perk has a different amount of points needed to complete. But it would be nice to know ahead of time, so we can all finish the Perk we are working on. Thanks


@KarenZep, this is courtesy of @Miranda

Perk 1: 5,000
Perk 2: 15,000
Perk 3: 35,000
Perk 4: 70,000 (When it has a wild card in it: 80,000)
Perk 5: 150,000
Perk 6: 300,000 (When it has a volcano card in it: 350,000)

Total: 575,000 (with extra’s in perk 4 & 6: 635,000)

Perk 7:
With a hold card on Monday: 450,000 (sometimes 475,000)
Extra perk on Tuesday: 250,000
Booster perk on Wednesday: 85,000

As you can see, some things change, not nearly as much as it used to change from week to week! Kudo’s to Tripeaks for making the point requirements more predictable!


@CindyLu @Miranda,
I have posted this on our group FB page. It’s a big plus to have this for everyone to refer to. Thanks


Hi, I’ve posted these numbers on several solitaire tripeaks fb groups so more could use these numbers.
It’s free to share and you’re welcome😉


How do I post this on my groups FB page?

Looks like they changed it. We finished the first 6 with only 520,000 this week