How many players can you have in a club?

Hi there. I have been reading some of the chats on here and I noticed someone had said that they have 29 club players our club only does a max of 25. Is there somewhere that this can be changed to open it up to more players? I have looked and can’t find anyplace to do that

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@Irishrose, because I have 4 clubs, all set to invite only, I spend a considerable amount of time inviting members to our clubs. While searching for prospective members, I’ve never seen a club with more than 25 members.

You can see this for yourself by going into the Rankings or Discover tabs in the clubhouse. It’ll tell you how many members are in their clubs (25/25 or 24/25).

I’m thinking maybe the person who said they had 29 in their club may have accidentally hit the 9 instead of a 5.


Thanks Cindy. I have done that myself. Hit the 9 instead of 5. Boy did people jump on me. Lol just went over my head :slight_smile:

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