How many members can be in a club

I want to join a new club as mine is too idle. I have been invited to join a few but don’t want to leave my club to find out my choice is full already

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@Sosume, I say go for it! If yours is too idle, make the move. There are literally thousands of clubs out there. If the one you move to isn’t your cup of tea, then look for others. You can always come back to the forum and post a message on the Player Looking For Team section. Think about what you want your club to be. What is the minimum you are willing to do each week? How long of an idle time works? Some clubs require no longer than 12 or 15 hours. I’d never join one because I couldn’t guarantee I’d meet that requirement. Do you like to chat? Find a team that is talkative! Don’t settle. Try a few out! Good luck! :blush:


The max is 25 members in a club.

If you want to join a team that has sent you an invitation, you can click on the invitation for more information and it will show you the team, what they advertise as club requirements (in the banner), who the other players are and their scores, whether it’s public or private. If there are fewer than 25, you just need to go back to the invitation and accept the invitation. You will be asked to confirm you want to leave your current and join the new one. If you try to do this and the club is full, it will tell you and you won’t be able to join (but will stay in your current club).
If you want to join a club that has not sent you an invitation (and there is <25 players), if it is public, you can just join. If it is private, you need to request to join and they will then send you and invitation if they want you.

Does this make sense?

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