How Many Islands Are There?

I would like to know how many islands there are, in total. Because I’m on a lower level, TriPeaks won’t allow me to see to the end. It would be nice if that information was at least available on this website.

@MzQuail there are a total of 33 islands not counting the ones on Skylands
10 - Tiki Beaches
7 - Tiki Skies
7 - Tiki Seas
7 - Tki Paradise
Currently 2 on Tiki Prehistoric [they will be adding another soon]
Skylands is ONLY accessible if the last level on Tiki Preshistoric is completed. It is a combination of all the islands; Guest completed up to Level 2501, I only completed up to Level 174

Thank you, Colibri! Does your list include the “Expert” level?

If you include the expert level, just add 800 more levels. I don’t really play expert level so totally forgot about it.