How does the wave work

Can someone please explain how you create match when the wave comes across the screen. I can figure it out.

Hi @Michie,when you have a wave card showing, every few seconds, it’ll wipe out the next draw card. If you don’t have a card that will clear the wave card off the table available, you can use a wave buster booster card (top right corner).


Thank you for the help. I believe I have tried that with no success. I’ll keep trying though.

@Michie I find the wave one the most difficult, and when I can avoid it at all costs, except when I’m lucky enough to have a wave booster card. It makes it difficult to concentrate I think, as just when you think you have a card to clear it, the wave :ocean:washes it away from you.
(Example; you have a 9​:clubs: that is a wave, you have to use an 8 or 10 of any suit to knock it out, alternatively you can use a wildcard :black_joker: One option is the blast the lot with a Volcano :volcano: and hope there are no more underneath. Sometimes you will clear one wave card just to unleash one more. Good luck … They do get a little easier and the more you play. Just wait until you are on a level with bombs and waves … That makes my head spin. I don’t know which to click first but the decision is often made as the screen annihilated by a bomb :bomb: I didn’t get to on time lol!!

:ocean:+:bomb: = :boom::exploding_head:


I always clear the wave card before any other obstacle. It’s the only obstacle that reduces your ammunition so to speak, so that’s the one you want to get rid of first!


@Ff2017 I agree but sometimes there’s more than one or ones behind the one you clear first.
Have you played the Rescue Mission? I had them drowning, being washed away by wave cards, behind traps and ultimately then blowing up because I didn’t get to the bombs in time lol … I almost threw my toys out the pram and stopped playing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::star_struck::smile:


Yes I have. Then you let the game go. Getting rid of the wave card first allows one to maximize the chances of winning the game because you also need cards to clear the bombs which the wave obstacles get rid of. Think of it this way. 1 wave card gets rid of 1 to 2 cards. That’s 1 to 2 less cards to get rid of bomb cards. Clearing the bombs first is more of a minimize loss strategy which I dont like as much when you have those 2 obstacles to worry about.

Also I would recommend you mute the game when bombs are in play. Otherwise one could have a heart attack!


@Ff2017 I actually always keep the sound muted so I don’t know what the bomb sound like when they go off … You have me curious now :thinking:. My son plays the game also and has his on low, so all I hear is the music and quite frankly that is enough lol.
You are correcting what you say though; the wave cards are the worst and they do have to go. I don’t use a Bomb card, unless I have one and it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t select it at the beginning of the game, only at the point that the the bomb :bomb: is about to explode … And if I don’t have a Bomb card then yes it does explode, thankfully I just get the visual and not the noise you explained. It does get a vocal reaction from myself though, one of pure frustration lol!!

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OMgosh @Ff2017, my game is muted, just so I don’t have to listen to the bomb card!


I love the background tropical music though. And wish we could have the music, and no game sounds